Stay Dope Bidon
Stay Dope Bidon
Stay Dope Bidon
Stay Dope Bidon

Stay Dope Bidon

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If you want to stay dope, you have to stay clean. Choose to refuse. Be smart don't start. It ain't no lie, drugs make yo mama cry. Etc.

Just say no. Unless it's to the Stay Dope collection, in which case say yes! May bicycling be your medicine.

Bottles, Bidons, Borrace. Whatever you want to call them they are essential for any ride. Ideal for all your thirst requirements be they water, electrolytes or a fine dark quadruple. Our bottles are magnificent, as used by pro teams and long distance legends the world over.

*Buy two for £20, saving £4. (RRP £24)

Easy Squeeze
Legendary leakproof MoFLo cap with an unrivalled flow rate
BPA Free
100% Recyclable
Dishwasher and Freezer safe
Made by super good dudes in California U.S.A